About OCA

To achieve the impact we are after, OCA has a diverse and inclusive governance model, strong expectations regarding business ethics, and a growing international team with a rich background that helps us further in our collective work.


As a multi-stakeholder initiative, OCA is governed by a decision-making body representing all stakeholder views. As such, the seats of OCA`s Board of Trustees are specifically designated to ensure stakeholder representation across the supply chain, including Brands and Retail, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Farm Groups and Implementation Partners, Civil Society Organisations, and Philanthropy and Independents. OCA’s Board of Trustees sets and stewards the organisation`s long-term strategic vision and direction, as well as the priorities and policies of OCA and provides ultimate financial oversight.

During 2022, we welcomed new Trustees and said farewell to others. Firstly, the Board-appointed Ashis Mondal from Action for Social Advancement in May 2022, to ensure increased Board-level representation of Farm Organisations and Implementing Partners. With Nanda Bergstein (Tchibo) and Isabelle Roger (Solidaridad Network) leaving their organisation in 2022, Johanna von Stechow and Tamar Hoek took over their OCA Board seats, respectively. The end of 2022 also marked the departure of Harsha Vardhan (H&M Group).

OCA’s Board of Trustees as of January 2023

Name Organisation Stakeholder Category
Keith Tyrell (Chair) Pesticide Action Network UK Civil Society
Matt Dwyer (Vice Chair) Patagonia Brand & Retail
Tamar Hoek (Treasurer) Solidaridad Network Civil Society
Germán García Ibáñez (Secretary) Inditex Brand & Retail
Anita Chester Laudes Foundation Philanthropy
Punit Lalbhai Arvind Supplier & Manufacturer
Hammad Naqi Khan WWF-Pakistan Farmer Organisation & Implementing Partner
Ashis Mondal Action for Social Advancement Farmer Organisation & Implementing Partner
Johanna von Stechow Tchibo Brand & Philanthropy

OCA’s Board of Trustees has one permanent sub-committee in the Governance and Nominations Committee (GNC). The role of the GNC is to develop and oversee OCA’s Board nomination, governance policies and procedures. The GNC is chaired by Tamar Hoek and includes several board members, as well as representation by other OCA Contributors.

The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) is a foundation incorporated in the Netherlands, which does not have a profit aim.

Transparency and Ethics

OCA implements a range of policies to ensure that our team and organisational initiatives meet the highest levels of ethical conduct. All policies are made public on our website.

Complaints and Whistleblowing Policies

External complaints regarding any suspected infractions or irregularities in OCA’s activities or conduct should follow the guidelines in the OCA Complaints Policy. 
The Whistleblowing
Policy allows OCA’s employees to report alleged irregularities for confidential investigation, without fear of prejudice, while providing clear steps and measures to resolve the issue.

Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities Policies

OCA does not tolerate harassment, abuse of power or workplace discrimination in any form or for any reason. Our values and policies on this matter are outlined in the OCA Safeguarding Policy and OCA Equal Opportunities Policy.

Our Team

Our team drives the implementation of the strategic plan and makes day-to-day decisions to effectively operate and achieve strategic objectives set by the Board of Trustees. We are passionate about our work and dedicated to achieving the OCA mission. We are a truly international team, including individuals from 11 nationalities and expertise ranging from agronomy to climate science, procurement to communication, and finance to social research. In 2022 we warmly welcomed new team members in the Netherlands, India, and Pakistan, and we organised our first team meetup in three years, bringing everyone together in Amsterdam for a week of learning, exchange, and team building.

"When I joined OCA in 2022, my goal was to add further value to the positive impact OCA aims to achieve in South Asia. I’m happy to see what we accomplished last year. We were able to deepen our interventions within-conversion farmers and intensify capacity-building initiatives, seed trials, and seed production initiatives. I am keen to see our efforts towards rolling out the Organic Cotton Training Curriculum bear fruit in India and Pakistan, with more organic cotton farmers empowered with sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices, becoming more self-sufficient and resilient. Working with OCA has been inspiring and motivating, and I am proud to be part of a group that shares the same passion and values."

Jyoti Sharma, Head of Region for South Asia

"I joined OCA because I wanted to work closer to the realities on the ground. I strongly connect with the positive impact OCA aims to achieve at the intersection of rural development and sustainable livelihood. Working with the team has been truly inspiring and motivating, and I am proud to be part of a group that shares the same passion and values. I look forward to contributing to our mission of creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all!"

Leandro Viecili, Partnership Manager

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at OCA.

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