Annual Report 2022

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Our Vision

At OCA, we believe organic cotton is the catalyst for a truly sustainable textile sector. We envision a future where, every time a farmer switches to organic cotton, there is a ripple effect of positivity; farmers earn more and their land and soils are fertile for future generations, protecting our planet. We call this the Organic Cotton Effect. We’re committing to enabling this future by creating a transparent, responsible and resilient organic cotton supply chain that prioritises delivering farmer prosperity and meeting the sector’s shared sustainability goals. As an accelerator, we want to get to this future, faster.

Our Mission

OCA unites the sector to unleash the organic cotton effect - organic cotton’s potential for positive impact, from field to fashion, for people and the planet. By working together, we can realise the Organic Cotton Effect.

2022 at a Glance

In 2022 we have made significant progress toward our goal. These are just a few of our highlights of the year. We invite you to discover the story behind the numbers across the report's sections.

Three times more farmers reached through the OCA Farm Programme in the 2021-22 season
Total annual premium amount paid out to organic farmers
€4 mil
Farmers in the OCA Farm Programme earned, on average, 6% higher net income than conventional farmers from their cotton
The Organic Cotton Training Curriculum was downloaded 120 times in the first weeks after launch
One new territory for OCA`s work on the ground: Pakistan
Our Contributors platform included 38 organisations at the end of 2022
New partnerships with seed production companies

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Message from the Chair of Board of Trustees and Executive Director

Our Impact in 2022

Before OCA was established in 2016, the organic cotton sector was siloed and fragmented. Various players wanted to progress the sector, but there was no common vision for how to scale organic and make organic cotton farming pay.

Since then, OCA has united the sector to unleash the Organic Cotton Effect – organic cotton’s potential for positive impact, from field to fashion, for people and the planet. Find out about our impact on the organic cotton sector in 2022 and how OCA's strategic priorities are accelerating systemic change.

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Thank You

Our impact would not have been possible without all the farmers, Contributors and partners who were part of our story in 2022.
Thank you!

The continued support for our mission with more organisations joining OCA each year is incredibly encouraging. Together, we can accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and equitable organic cotton sector!

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OCA is working towards a future where each farmer switching to organic cotton creates a ripple effect of positivity: farmers earn more, and their land and soils are fertile for future generations. Join OCA and become part of this systemic change! You can support OCA by becoming a Contributor, an Implementing Partner, or a Funding Partner. Let’s unleash the potential of organic cotton, together!
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